February 2020

DarkVision, SM Energy, and Halliburton Release Limited Entry Perforation SPE Paper
February 20, 2020

DarkVision, SM Energy, and Halliburton co-authored an SPE paper which was released at the 2020 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference. SPE-199712-MS evaluated limited entry perforating designs using DarkVision’s high resolution acoustic imaging tool and Halliburton’s distributed temperature sensing fiber. Download SPE-199712-MS

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DarkVision Authors Industry Leading SPE Paper
February 5, 2020

DarkVision released its first SPE paper with co-authors Jagged Peak, PETRONAS Canada, and Encana Oil & Gas (USA). SPE-199718-MS was revered for being the most comprehensive overview of perforation erosion analysis across all North American basins. Download SPE-199718-MS

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