Role Description:

We are looking for an Accounting Assistant who will be based out of DarkVision’s head office in North Vancouver, Canada. Reporting to DarkVision’s Financial Controller, this role will encompass the ownership of DarkVision's accounting and financial data.

The ideal candidate will be very detail-oriented and able to apply accounting processes and systems consistently. The successful candidate will play an integral part in handling the data and processes that keep DarkVisions accounts and financing humming.  Solid interpersonal skills will be required as you will be frequently interacting with our brilliant engineers many of whom are mercurial and find paperwork irritating! If you’re awesome, expect to be involved in financial, business and management reporting before long.


  • Accounting Functions: You’ll initially handle a range of accounting functions.  As we grow, automate and change our processes, expect these to change constantly.
  • Other Financial Information: Time tracking, mileage and technology spend are just a few of the other data inputs and processes you’ll get stuck into. A flexible mind that can move between complex systems quickly is a must.
  • Customer/Vendor liaison: You’ll be the first port of call when our customers or vendors need help with the green stuff. Dealing with these key constituents quickly and efficiently will require you to be highly organized but with a people focused approach.
  • Everything & Anything: There will be a wide assortment of standard and not-so-standard tasks that you’ll be expected to complete. No task will be either above or beneath you.


  • Education/Experience: Accounting/Business Diploma, or 2+ years’ bookkeeping/accounting experience.
  • General Competence: At DarkVision, there is a very high bar for general all-round competence and the ability to get things done quickly, thoroughly, and effectively without compromising on quality.
  • Communication: You will be expected to communicate effectively with both internal staff, external vendors, and customers. Building great working relationships with the team will be important in this role.
  • Computer Literacy: We’re paperless, we do almost everything on the cloud and we’re adding systems and processes all the time as the team grows. You’ll need to be someone who picks up new technology quickly.
  • Sense of Humour: We work hard but don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • Attention to Detail: We are looking for someone who is methodical, detail-oriented and enjoys keeping him/herself and the people around them organized.


  • Competitive salary or higher (Top $ for top talent)
  • Fulltime role
  • Full benefits
  • Competitive vacation allotment

About DarkVision:

DarkVision Technologies Inc. was founded in 2013 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of developing and commercializing imaging technologies for industrial markets. DarkVision has developed the world’s most advanced acoustic-based imaging platform and is packaging it into different product-lines to solve the industry’s most challenging problems.

The company has proven its first successful product-line for tubular infrastructure inspection. DarkVision’s initial product has already won multiple industry awards, been featured in top publications, and generated significant revenue. Our team consists of experts from machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace, and computer graphics sectors who are building today’s most advanced technology platform for industrial imaging and asset integrity-related inspection. We build, design, and sell the entire solution ourselves – from large sensor arrays to specialized electronics, to our visualization and analytics software.

Building on its commercial success, the company just raised a very large financing round to begin scaling the technology to new product-lines in new industries and applications. We recently began construction of a new 52,000 sq ft head office facility in Vancouver and are growing quickly. We invite you to come join our team for the exciting journey ahead as we become the global leader in industrial imaging.

Why DarkVision:

Here are 4 reason’s you’ll like working at DarkVision:

  • Well-Funded: We are well funded by solid financial backers and customers through highly differentiated technology that has already been proven out in the real world. We just raised a round from one of the largest privately held companies in the world for a large commercial expansion and new product-line development.
  • A’ Players: Our team is made up of talented, intelligent, and hardworking people. If you’re an ‘A’ player, you’ll enjoy the intellectually stimulating, challenging and respectfully competitive atmosphere.
  • Growing Quickly: We’re in the process of opening US Offices, launching several new product-lines and hiring a high-performing team of people. We are not a small start-up company and are in the process of maturing into a fast-growing medium-sized business.
  • Lots of Opportunities: We are transitioning into a much larger organization and will be expanding into a 52,000 sq ft facility in Vancouver. We are currently opening US offices, beginning in Houston.