Role Description:

We are looking for a Senior Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineer to join our team and support the development of the next generation of our high-resolution imaging devices. This exciting opportunity involves the design of micron precision electronic/sensor assemblies, as well as robust pressure housings and bulkheads that are required to withstand some of the most inhospitable environments found in industry. To survive harsh conditions often in excess of 15ksi and 177 C, exotic materials must be sourced and incorporated into the design using manufacturing processes including CNC machining and injection moulding.

This position offers exposure to every phase in the design process: from conception, proof of concept and prototyping through to production and field deployment. Critical thinking is required at every step along the way in order to tackle the unique challenges that DarkVision strives to master. The ideal candidate is both practical in applying known solutions to engineering problems, and comfortable thinking outside the box where precedent is lacking.


  • Design Big Stuff: Design all aspects of our products from pressure vessels to robotics. There are no shortages of challenges and opportunities to learn many new skills. We have become experts in this field and are keen to pass on that knowledge.
  • Design Small Stuff: Our in-house developed transducer technology involves intricate features on the micron scale using materials such as ceramic composites and wire-bonds that are assembled under a microscope. Designing at this scale for the unforgiving down-hole environment is extremely challenging and rewarding.
  • Simulate Stuff: Perform FEA and acoustic simulations to validate your designs using MATLAB and other tools.
  • Machine Stuff: Build prototypes yourself using our in-house machine shop and 3D printers. If you love to iterate quickly and get your hands dirty this is the place for you.


  • University degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Engineering Physics or another similar program
  • 5+ years’ experience as a design engineer in one of the above disciplines
  • Experience creating 3D models and assemblies using CAD software such as SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Inventor, or Creo
  • Experience creating 2D drawings released to vendors for part fabrication
  • Solid understanding of materials science, and knowing how to apply those theoretical concepts to guide a material selection process
  • Practical understanding of various manufacturing methods such as CNC machining, injection moulding, 3D printing, and laser/waterjet cutting, and knowing which is appropriate for a given design
  • Hands-on experience with assembling and testing prototypes, using benchtop tools including multimeters, function generators and oscilloscopes
  • Experience with basic microcontroller programming (Arduino, etc.) to aid in rapid prototyping
  • Experience with MATLAB, Python or other technical programming languages for data processing, analysis and simulation


  • Competitive salary or higher (Top $ for top talent)
  • Fulltime role
  • Full benefits
  • Competitive vacation

Why DarkVision:

Here are 4 reason’s you will like working at DarkVision:

  • Well-Funded: We are well funded by solid financial backers and customers through highly differentiated technology that has already been proven out in the real world. We just raised a round from one of the largest privately held companies in the world for a large commercial expansion and new product-line development.
  • A’ Players: #DarkVision is made up of talented, intelligent, and hardworking people. If you’re an ‘A’ player, you’ll enjoy the intellectually stimulating, challenging, and respectfully competitive atmosphere.
  • Growing Quickly: We’re in the process of opening US Offices, launching several new product lines, and hiring a high-performing team of people. We are not a small start-up company and are in the process of maturing into a fast-growing medium-sized business.
  • Lots of Opportunities: We are transitioning into a much larger organization and will be expanding into a 52,000 sq ft facility in Vancouver. We are currently opening US offices, beginning in Houston. 

About DarkVision:

DarkVision Technologies Inc. was founded in 2013 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of developing and commercializing imaging technologies for industrial markets. We have developed the world’s most advanced ultrasound-based imaging platform and are packaging it into different product-lines to solve the industry’s most challenging problems.

The company has proven its first successful product-line for tubular infrastructure inspection. DarkVision’s initial product has already won multiple industry awards, been featured in top publications, and generated significant revenue. Our team consists of experts from machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace, and computer graphics sectors who are building today’s most advanced technology platform for industrial imaging and asset integrity-related inspection. We build, design, and sell the entire solution ourselves – from large sensor arrays to specialized electronics, to our visualization and analytics software.

Building on its commercial success, the company just raised a very large financing round to begin scaling the technology to new product-lines in new industries and applications. We recently began construction of a new 52,000 sq ft head office facility in Vancouver and are growing quickly. We invite you to come join our team for the exciting journey ahead as we become the global leader in industrial imaging.