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We embrace innovation & disruption

DarkVision innovates across the entire hardware and software tech stack. We design, build, market, and sell cutting-edge technologies for the most challenging industrial inspection applications.

Why we exist

We’re revolutionizing the way industrial asset integrity is evaluated and visualized by creating highly differentiated imaging technologies.

What makes us tick

We believe in creative destruction

We like to swing for the fences, create novel technologies, and incorporate them into our products. We ensure that our product differentiation is meaningful, robust, and durable.

We are driven by value creation

We see the big picture and focus on creating maximum long-term value. We don’t get bogged down with bureaucratic rules and processes.

We are tenacious and open-minded

We like to win. We pride ourselves in consistently winning the long game; sometimes that means picking your battles, and sometimes that means being persistent and patient.

We embrace humor in life and work

We encourage and embrace the people willing to invest the time and take risks necessary to be funny. We’re casual, funny, and (more often than not) sarcastic.

We seek, attract, and retain the best of the best

DarkVision empowers contribution-motivated individuals that want to take strides in their careers. Come join our fast-growing team of innovators.

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We’ve got deep entrepreneurial roots

DarkVision’s leadership has a solid entrepreneurial background; we expect our employees to embody the entrepreneurial mindset and make intelligent, calculated, and practical decisions. We balance a strong sense of urgency with long-term value creation and empower our employees to navigate that landscape.

Meet our team
team member working on computer with two large monitors

Innovation is at our core

We live at the intersection of permutation and combination to strategically innovate across all facets of the technology stack. From high-density acoustic arrays to software algorithms and visualization engines, DarkVision pushes the bounds of what’s considered possible in industrial imaging.

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