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Come join our team of powerhouse engineers and entrepreneurs

At DarkVision, we empower entrepreneurial individuals who want to take significant strides in their careers. We bring together the winning combination of talent, technology, and strategically aggressive business approaches in a low-bureaucracy environment.

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Let’s be real though – everyone discounts these quotes. They typically come across as highly staged and inauthentic.

– Tom, Chief Operating Officer
young team member using an exacto knife on a small piece of copper pipping two team members working in lab on imaging equipment

Why DarkVision

Work with the best and brightest

We find, hire, and develop people who want to play a meaningful role on a winning team. We cut the bullshit so our people can focus on what they do best – innovate and create. And it works. We’ve built a world-class team of engineers and entrepreneurs.

No fluff, just real-world impact

Forget developing the latest widget. We solve meaningful problems in the physical world by developing differentiated imaging technology. Sound interesting? Come make a substantial impact by working from first principles with us.

You’re empowered to take charge

Take charge and don’t hesitate to make intelligent, practical, risk-adjusted decisions. We balance a strong sense of urgency with long-term value creation. In short – we empower people to get shit done. This includes spending 10% of your time on self-directed research projects that require no management approval.

We embrace creative destruction

We aim for a high degree of technical disruption by designing and controlling the entire technology stack. This allows us to innovate along the technology continuum to push the bounds of what is considered possible.

This isn’t our first rodeo

We have accumulated countless lessons on what to do and what not to do. We leverage this foundational knowledge to raise the bar when commercializing new technology.

You get the whole package

Our cross-functional talent is highly involved in the entire value creation cycle. We have a distinct capacity to involve sales, marketing, engineering, and product groups in the technological development and commercialization cycle.

Our Teams

DarkVision is comprised of rebellious creatives. We focus on foundational principles first; our entrepreneurs and engineers have the creative freedom to solve problems with minimal constraints. We enjoy using unconventional approaches that others don’t, won’t, or can’t. And it works.

Sales and Operations
Product and Marketing
Research & Machine Learning
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Business Support
Data Analytics
Meet The Team
team member sitting at a desk reviewing a large computer screen of data


Forget working on the latest SaaS accounting widget driven by a team of bean-counters. Our software engineering team is led by engineers. We develop technical products that are loved by engineers, and in doing so we get to blend science with real world application.

team member sitting at a desk reviewing a large computer screen of data

Be an Architect

Say goodbye to pigeonholing and unachievable deadlines. Lead projects that have real-world impact within a growing company where your design input is valued and can actually move the needle.

Use the Latest Tech

Work on greenfield projects using C++ 17, Cuda, and AWS cloud processing. From in-house data visualization software to complex embedded systems, we work with the latest technology to bring your designs to life.


The Skunkworks team works closely with DarkVision’s CTO to ideate and prototype cutting-edge imaging technologies. Embodying out-of-the-box thinking and an inquisitive mindset, the group is responsible for some of DarkVision’s most extraordinary inventions.

Be a Multidisciplinary Architect

Truly multidisciplinary, Skunkworks hires and advances best-in-class, high-potential individuals that want to architect electromechanical systems and software that have never been dreamed of before.

The Pinnacle of Creative Freedom

There are no rules within the Skunkworks team; the team has the utmost creative freedom to do what they do best. Revolutionary innovation is the only goal.

Sales and Operations

We’re a technology company first. Period. Our products and services are highly differentiated, not commoditized, and are constantly evolving. From commercialization strategy to product direction, our Sales and Ops teams have significant input in what we bring to the market. Join a team of like-minded entrepreneurs and forget bureaucracy-driven companies pushing antiquated technology.

Impact on Product Direction

Be involved in shaping the product from conception to commercialization. From field equipment to customer deliverables, you will have a material impact on what we run and how we make some significant cash in the process.

Allergic to Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy kills innovation and peoples’ ability to do their best. Simply put, we do not burden our employees with illogical processes and procedures. We do what is right, when it is right, and remove barriers so we can focus on running and selling the most advanced acoustic imaging platform.

team member working on computer with two large monitors

Product and Marketing

DarkVision’s product managers drive company direction from early product ideation, through early commercialization, to full-scale deployment. They don’t just work on the latest software feature map. They drive high-level business decisions by blending pragmatic technical ability with solid business acumen.

team member working on computer with two large monitors

Cross-Functional Leadership

Our product managers influence decisions across every group at DarkVision. They simultaneously focus on intricate details and the big picture, whether it be product concepts, electromechanical specifications, go-to-market strategies, market research, or technical papers.

Highly Differentiated Tech

Our award-winning technology and eye-catching visuals are a dream to market. Our products are industry recognized and already used by every top-tier operator. Our marketing team has the momentum, budget, and creative freedom to go big when others won’t or can’t.

Research & Machine Learning

DarkVision’s acoustic imaging technology has created the largest ultrasound datasets in the world (1 billion unique images and counting). Our Innovation team brings together world-class PhDs, engineers, and research scientists to develop the next generation of automated image processing and deep learning architectures.

Unrestrained Collaboration

We partner with the world’s top universities and industry partners to push the limits of what’s considered possible in AI/ML, computer vision, and data visualization methodologies.

Research to Commercialization

Our research is cutting edge, but it does not stop there. We commercially deploy the outputs of our innovation efforts to solve real-world problems for our industrial customers and global partners.

team member assembling a piece to a copper rod

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical and electrical engineering teams develop and package unprecedented technologies for real-world applications. They work with autonomy to rapidly innovate, prototype, test, and build across the whole tech stack. No bureaucratic approvals and project overhead. Just freedom to innovate and create.

team member assembling a piece to a copper rod

Rapid Prototyping

Get full access to a prototyping lab and machine shop where you can work with exotic alloys, rare epoxies, and cutting-edge electronics component fabrication equipment.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Our engineers love to design, build, and test electromechanical assemblies. We push the limits on what can be machined, printed, assembled, powered, cooled, shielded, and sealed. Have a novel idea you want to design and test? Pursue it. You have 10% of your time allocated to do whatever R&D project you feel will move the needle – and it requires no management approval.

team members sitting around a table discussing imaging technology

Business Support

DarkVision’s team of accountants, IT professionals, and culture leads are thoughtfully aggressive entrepreneurs first. They make DarkVision a great place to work by removing overly bureaucratic processes and illogical practices. They do what makes sense, appreciate situational nuances, and remove barriers – not add them.

team members sitting around a table discussing imaging technology

Aggressive and Thoughtful Business Approaches

Champion long-term growth initiatives across the company. Focus on foundational improvements to create flexibility, efficiency, and growth in all departments – not just your own.

Drive Change (Like You Always Wanted To)

We’re not bogged down by legacy and illogical rules. Develop processes that are fit for purpose across the accounting, IT, and people spectrum. Or remove processes if they don’t make sense – we’re always a fan of that.

Data analyst looking at a computer screen

Data Analytics

DarkVision’s acoustic imaging technology captures terabytes of high-fidelity data with each run. Our data analysis team plays a critical role in the commercial process by analyzing these massive ultrasound datasets using our proprietary visualization software. They are meticulous, methodical, and thorough in providing customers with critical insights that lead to multi-million-dollar actions.

Data analyst looking at a computer screen

Unprecedented Datasets

Our data analysis team looks at unparalleled datasets unrivaled by competitors. These unique datasets are captured up to 15,000ft below the earth’s surface, at a fidelity not seen before in industry.

Shape the Product

Shape our data visualization and analysis platform by working closely with our product and software engineering teams on features and tools.

Award Winning Tech

DarkVision’s team, technology, and technical papers have won numerous industry awards.