The Future of Industrial Acoustic Imaging is Here

Discover what makes DarkVision’s technology the world leading solution in industrial asset inspection.

The Tech Stack

We innovate across the entire tech stack. Our team designs, builds, and sells cutting-edge technologies for the most challenging industrial inspections.

Solid State High-Density Arrays
Next-gen Signal & Cloud Processing
High-fidelity Visualizations

It all starts with high-quality data. Our high-density arrays are designed to capture the highest resolution acoustic datasets possible.

Cutting-edge electronics and cloud-based machine learning models turn terabytes of signals into usable data that can be analyzed and rendered.

Huge point cloud datasets spanning over thousands of meters are rendered into detailed photorealistic visuals by proprietary visualization software.

Solid State, Ultra-High Density Arrays

Designed and built in-house to capture the highest quality volumetric data in the world. Our arrays are optimized in various geometries to unlock proprietary full-waveform-based imaging modes and techniques.

Our tech operates in the world’s harshest environments

Built to work in conditions where others can’t.


Transducers Per Array

15,000 PSI

Max Pressure


Max Temperature

Next Generation Electronics & Signal Processing

The latest chipsets, SoC, and embedded architectures drive our high-speed acoustic arrays. Disruptive digital signal processing techniques capture and process our field data in real-time at rates up to 614Gb/s.

Cloud Processing and Machine Learning

Cloud-based machine vision, AI, and software algorithms process terabytes of raw acoustic data into high-resolution point clouds of intuitive information. These massive datasets are analyzed with parallelized GPUs on AWS to detect and measure defects in any material.

The World’s Largest Acoustic Datasets

The Industry’s largest library of labelled high-resolution acoustic data from real commercial assets


Images Captured

10,000+ TB

Acoustic Data Recorded

High-Fidelity Visualization & Analysis

Powerful rendering software and proprietary analysis engines reveal detail in submillmetric resolution. Powerful defect detection algorithms identify surface textural indications and volumetric defects as small as 0.01”. Deformation, corrosion, breaches, erosion, inclusions, and cracks in industrial assets are precisely identified and quantified.

See our technology applied

We set the highest bar in industrial imaging. DarkVision delivers the highest resolving acoustic scans, the highest defect detection rates, and the most intuitive defect visualizations from the harshest environments known to man.