About Us

DarkVision Technologies Inc. was founded in 2013 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs that have expertise and a track record in developing and commercializing imaging technologies. The company has developed a new ultrasound-based imaging technology used to image the inside of oil and gas wells. With a clear picture of the inner working of their wells, oil and gas operators can make smart decisions that reduce operating costs, increase production, improve well integrity and minimize environmental impacts. Unlike camera technologies, DarkVision’s high resolution ultrasound imaging system is able to image through opaque fluids that have inhibited the widespread use of cameras and optics as a downhole diagnostics tool.

The company’s first field-ready tool uses a number of proprietary and patented technologies to go thousands of meters underground, bringing oil and gas operators incredibly high resolution 3D scans of their entire wells. DarkVision has already won numerous awards, including 1st prize in the 2014 NVBC competition for the top high-tech start-up in BC.

With a number of North America’s largest oil and gas companies already secured as early customers, DarkVision’s flagship product is now making its debut in the field.


management team

Stephen Robinson, CEO

Founded ClearVision in 2005 at UBC and grew it to 25 people before it was successfully acquired by its largest US competitor in 2011. ClearVision developed imaging technologies for consumer packaging with sales across the US and Europe, eventually inspecting all the boxes for P&G, Molson, Kimberly Clark etc. Robinson became a BIV 40 under 40 in 2013 for his role in leading ClearVision from start to finish.

Graham Manders, CTO

Mastermind behind ClearVision’s technology and product development, commercializing the imaging technologies and product lines that led to ClearVision’s success. No stranger to starting, growing and managing development teams in lean start-up environments, Graham is both a brilliant inventor and a pragmatic problem solver.

Osman Malik, CFO

Osman is a veteran of the O&G industry, with field, engineering and operations experience around the world with British Petroleum (BP). He started his career in the offshore North Sea, before leading the engineering for a large BP gas facility in the Middle East.  Most recently Osman worked for Cenovus’ Venture Capital Fund until he left to join DarkVision.

Partners and Investors