Downhole Imaging

We’re setting a new standard for the inspection of casing, tubing, wellheads, and downhole components. We find, quantify, and render never-before-seen defects.

DarkVision’s proprietary High-resolution Acoustic Downhole Evaluation System

Accurate 3D Measurements. Precise Results.

Downhole imaging of a well perforation

0.01” Resolution

Our tools deliver higher resolution so you can clearly identify issues and determine the root causes of failure.

Up to 512 individual transducers

We capture full circumferential scans using proprietary imaging modes only enabled by high-density arrays.

High-fidelity 3D visualizations

Say goodbye to subjective interpretations. Our system gives unmatched clarity with high-fidelity, intuitive 3D visualizations.

Field-proven and trusted

Our award-winning technology has been proven in the field by over 75 operators across all N.A. conventional and unconventional basins.

Direct measurements

We directly capture dimensionally accurate 3D data, removing the requirement for subjective interpretations.

Fluid agnostic

Our acoustic imaging system is fluid agnostic, enabling it to scan through water, brine, drilling mud, and production fluids. No more data loss due to cloudy or unclear fluids.

Field-proven and trusted by countless operators


DarkVision’s team, technology, and technical papers have won numerous industry awards.


GES Disruptive Digital Innovator Award



ASME Best Mechanical Engineering Award



ICoTA Curtis Blount Outstanding Paper Award



OTC Spotlight on Technology Award



Hart Energy Innovator of the Year Award



ICoTA Innovation Award


Select components of downhole tool revealed and highlighted

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It all starts with better quality data. We’ve made fundamental advancements so we can deliver higher resolution data, greater coverage, and intuitive results.

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