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DarkVision, a Koch Engineered Solutions company, is seeking a Mechanical Engineer who will help bring our new and industry leading products to market. This position is the perfect fit for an individual who thrives working within challenging constraints to solve unique problems. DarkVision’s products must perform in some of the harshest environmental conditions found in industry, with pressures up to 15ksi and temperatures exceeding 150C. To survive these conditions, careful consideration must go into the design of every component, including elements such as pressure housings, electrical bulkheads, PCB heat sinks, robotic systems, and ultrasonic sensor assemblies.

This exciting position offers exposure to every phase of the design process – from conceptualization, prototyping, and validation, through to production and field deployment. Critical thinking is required at every step to tackle the unique challenges that DarkVision strives to master. The ideal candidate is both practical and imaginative; they can quickly identify when to apply conventional solutions to engineering problems, but also think outside the box in situations where precedent is lacking. 

Our Team

If it moves, needs to survive extreme conditions, protect delicate electronics, or has specific material properties, the Mechanical Team will be involved. We’re collaborative, curious, and encourage taking big swings. We work closely with other engineering teams to produce thoughtful, innovative solutions to problems that don’t always have a clear answer.

What You Will Do

  • Design custom mechanical components/systems that integrate into our products, such as pressure vessels, sealing assemblies, electrical heat sinks, and robotic assemblies
  • Design and assemble custom tooling/fixturing for the Manufacturing Team to assist with the assembly of our devices
  • Produce 2D drawings from 3D models and work with external vendors to procure high precision components
  • Perform thermal, structural, and dynamic calculations to characterize the requirements and capabilities of mechanical components/systems
  • Design custom equipment to facilitate product validation, including jigs, frames, tanks, and mechanized test platforms
  • Collaborate with the broader DarkVision Team to gather design requirements from other project stakeholders, such as our Electrical Engineering and Product Teams

Who You Are (Basic Qualifications)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Engineering Physics, or another similar program
  • Professional work experience in mechanical design
  • Experience in design for manufacturability involving a range of processes, such as sheet metal, advanced machining, injection molding, and/or 3D printing
  • Able to create professional 3D models and assemblies using CAD software such as SolidWorks, Fusion 360, or Inventor
  • Able to create professional 2D drawings and work with external vendors to outsource manufactured parts
  • Experience with conducting and documenting tests in a laboratory or field environment

What Will Put You Ahead

  • Intermediate level professional work experience in mechanical design
  • 5+ years of experience in a similar role or related field
  • Demonstrated proficiency and aptitude with hands-on tasks, including the use of hand tools, basic metalworking (drilling, cutting, etc.) and assembly/disassembly of complex mechanical systems
  • Experience designing high precision components/assemblies, with tolerances less than 0.001”
  • Experience using GD&T to tolerance complex features
  • Experience in the oilfield industry an asset

General Salary Range

For this role, we anticipate paying $65,000 to $95,000 per year. This role is eligible for variable pay, issued as a monetary bonus or in another form.

At Koch companies, we are entrepreneurs. This means we openly challenge the status quo, find new ways to create value and get rewarded for our individual contributions. Any compensation range provided for a role is an estimate determined by available market data. The actual amount may be higher or lower than the range provided considering each candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and geographic location. If you have questions, please speak to your recruiter about the flexibility and detail of our compensation philosophy.

Why DarkVision

Here are four reasons you’ll like working at DarkVision:

  • Well-Funded: We are backed by Koch Industries – North America’s largest privately held company, and actively work with top-tier operators across North America.
  • ‘A’ Players: Our team is made up of talented, intelligent, and hardworking people. If you’re an ‘A’ player, you’ll enjoy the intellectually stimulating, challenging and respectfully competitive atmosphere.
  • Growing Quickly: We are launching several new product lines and, as a result, have more than doubled our headcount over the last year.
  • Lots of Opportunities: We are transitioning into a much larger organization and recently expanded into a 52,000 sq ft facility in North Vancouver.  We have recently opened a larger Calgary office and have expanded into the US, with offices in Houston and Midland, TX. We are also expanding by opening offices globally.

Who We Are

DarkVision Technologies Inc. is a Canada-based tech company disrupting the industrial imaging market since 2013. We have created the world’s most advanced acoustic-based imaging platform. We are packaging it into multiple new product lines, revolutionizing how our clients quantify and visualize the integrity of their critical assets.

At Koch, employees are empowered to do what they do best to make life better. Learn how our business philosophy helps employees unleash their potential while creating value for themselves and the company.

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