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New ultrasound-based imaging technology for delivering ultra-high resolution 3D models of oil and gas wells.



DarkVision & Ovintiv Industry Collaboration Featured in JPT Article

DarkVision and Ovintiv’s industry-leading collaboration on the identification and quantification of plug related casing damage was recognized within the industry-leading Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT). The article highlights how Ovintiv’s completions engineers rely on DarkVision’s high-resolution 3D data to accurately identify and measure casing damage, and optimize their completion design. Visit the JPT Article

DarkVision Wins Curtis Blount Outstanding Paper Award

DarkVision and ARC Resources were awarded the Curtis Blount Outstanding Paper Award for their significant contribution to the oil and gas industry’s knowledge of well integrity in a recent technical paper (SPE-204412-MS). The award was presented at the 2021 SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference in Houston, Texas. Download SPE-204412-MS

DarkVision Featured In Multiple ATCE 2020 Papers

DarkVision’s high resolution 3D visualizations were featured in two prominent papers released at the SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE). The high-fidelity submillimetric measurements generated by HADES™ has given operators the ability to investigate and quantify downhole failures with a level of detail that was previously unattainable. Download the papers at the links below. SPE-201734-MS SPE-201715-MS

DarkVision Showcased in May 2020 Issues of Hart Energy’s E&P Magazine

DarkVision’s technology was showcased in the May 2020 issue of Hart Energy’s industry leading E&P magazine. The article investigates DarkVision’s high-resolution acoustic-based imaging technology and its evolution for applications in perforation erosion imaging and measurement. Visit Hart Energy’s E&P Magazine Online