A New Light on DarkVision: Winning the Spotlight on Technology Award

May 5, 2020

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We are honored to receive the 2020 Spotlight on New Technology Award from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas. The award recognizes DarkVision’s highly innovative acoustic imaging technology for making a significant impact in the oil and gas industry.

Our HADES-F technology provides high-resolution renderings of wellbore obstructions previously not achievable using any other method.

This award recognizes how DarkVision has developed a novel high-resolution acoustic imaging technology that can “see” inside wells without the need for fluid clarity. The technology uses a forward-facing solid-state imaging head with approximately 200 transducers mounted on an articulating robotic head. The articulating robotic head has 4 degrees of freedom. This allows operators to see areas of interest downhole from any angle; a feature that has never been achieved before in downhole diagnostics. A DarkVision technician on surface can remotely control the robotic head while watching the real-time image the tool is producing, giving the ability to fully and accurately assess any wellbore obstruction, restriction, fish, casing damage, connection, or other area of interest.

An articulating robotic head with ultrasound transducers can inspect downhole from any angle

Read the official press release.

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