DarkVision Wins Top Award at SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference

March 30, 2023

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DarkVision was honoured to win the coveted Well Intervention Technology Award at the 2023 SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference. This award recognizes outstanding technical innovation. We were pleased to win for our HADES-T® platform, which is helping operators de-risk well operations by greatly improving the analysis of casing wall thickness and calculation of safe operating pressures with advanced burst pressure methodologies.

HADES-T is built on DarkVision’s field-proven and award-winning acoustic imaging technology. DarkVision’s advances in high-resolution acoustics enable HADES-T to provide unprecedented insight by directly measuring casing wall thickness and defects on the outer wall surface. The comprehensive and unparalleled level of detail offered by HADES-T enables operators to assess corrosion rates and track growth of defects run over run, and accurately calculate higher safe pressure ratings with sophisticated ASME Burst Pressure analytical methodologies. Advanced burst pressure calculations, like Effective Area and RSTRENG, require detailed depth profiles of defects and were previously out of reach with imprecise conventional tools. Wells can now be completed more effectively, and operators have peace of mind while confidently planning future operations.

For more in-depth detail of how HADES-T provides industry-leading results read our whitepaper on casing thickness and advanced burst pressure analysis here:
SPE- 210010-MS: High-resolution Acoustic Imaging For Submillimetric Casing Thickness Quantification And Advanced Effective-area-based Burst Pressure Analyses

HADES-T is regularly deployed with HADES-R® on all common downhole conveyance systems. This combination provides comprehensive well integrity evaluation at sub-millimetric detail of entire wells from the inner wall to the outer wall surfaces. Acoustic measurements from DarkVision’s HADES tools are orders of magnitude better than existing tools. HADES-T and HADES-R are enabling operators to inspect and measure ID and OD wall loss, weld seams, casing deformation, early pitting from corrosion, erosion and casing wear, slender axial defects, and many other subtle features on both the ID and OD that other tools are unable to measure or struggle to identify until they become large and costly issues.

DarkVision’s HADES are the tool of choice by over 100+ operators to understand their wells in detail by measuring entire wells in a single pass through any fluid clarity. This technology works with metals, non-ferrous metals, and other exotic and high-performance materials. Reach out to us to learn more about how operators are gaining actionable insights from HADES to make better-informed decisions.   

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