Teaming Up with Ovintiv: Industry Collaboration Featured in JPT

April 19, 2021

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DarkVision and Ovintiv’s industry-leading collaboration on the identification and quantification of plug-related casing damage was recognized by an industry-leading publication – the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT).

visual rendering of a plug damaged pipe
Erosional Channel in Casing due to Plug Bypass

Ovintiv’s completions engineers rely on DarkVision’s high-resolution 3D data to accurately identify and measure casing damage – whether it is caused by leaking frac plugs, drill wear, or geological forces.

And it’s important. Blake Horton, Ovintiv’s Sr. Production Engineer, notes that “When a plug fails, your treatment isolation is lost. The whole treatment is going down into the previous stage, and you are never going to get the resource out of the stage that you are supposed to.” This means that not only is there inefficient use of capital on wasted proppant and pumping time, but could also lead to significant unrecovered resources left in the ground.

Ovintiv TM full colour logo

Check out the JPT article: Ovintiv: Reliable Data, Better Plug Choices Solve Casing Erosion and Improve Stimulations in Shale Wells

And to learn more about casing plug-related casing damage, read DarkVision’s award-winning SPE whitepaper, “High-Resolution Acoustic Imaging of Plug Related Casing Damage in Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells.”

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