• Perfecting Refrac

Optimize Your Refrac Strategy

Reliably assess and evaluate wells for refracture operations.
Make fully informed decisions with high-resolution acoustic imaging.

De-Risk a Refrac in One Scan

Completely understand your well by evaluating it in 3D to confidently plan next steps.

Well Integrity Inspection
Advanced Burst Pressure
Stimulation Effectiveness

Check every component and casing joint for breaches, deformation, wall loss, and issues that can compromise well integrity. Catch issues before they affect the profitability of your refrac operation.

Determine exactly how much pressure a well can handle in its current condition with industry-leading calculation methods

Measure where proppant went in the initial hydraulic fracture and figure out where new proppant should be placed by measuring perforation erosion.

An Optimized Refrac in Eagle Ford

An operator turned to DarkVision to perform a well integrity and burst pressure analysis to assess the potential of refracturing a well without a frac string.


DarkVision’s high-resolution measurements of an identified defect meant the operator was able to use an Effective Area calculation to get the most representative estimate of max pressure over the affected area. This Effective Area calculation revealed a threshold of 11,954 psi whereas a Barlow, a less representative method, estimated a much lower burst pressure of 5716 psi.


Based on the detailed report from DarkVision, the operator evaluated every defect and the maximum safe re-frac pressure and determined a re-frac string was not needed. This led the operator to confidently proceed with a re-frac and safely operate 6,000psi higher across this joint without compromising the integrity of the well.