Seeing inside wells

DarkVision has developed the world’s most advanced downhole imaging solution that effectively gives oil and gas operators the ability to see inside their wells. The system uses a variety of proprietary ultrasound technologies the company has developed and packaged into its first downhole tool.

High resolution

The company has spent years developing a new ultrasound-based imaging technology that can image an entire multi-kilometer long well at a sub-millimetric level. The tool can be deployed by either wireline, e-coil or tractor and performs a 360 degree scan of the well and its components.


The company’s first tool is capable of detecting and identifying a wide variety of downhole problems across a number of applications including:

  • Production Tubing Defects
  • Casing Corrosion/Erosion
  • Sand Screen Damage & Plugging
  • Perforations & Sliding Sleeves
  • Connection Cracks and Failures
  • Sand & Scale
  • Obstructions & Fishing


Reduce Costs

Reduce well operating and intervention costs by finding problems when they are small

Increase Efficiency

Improve production efficiencies by understanding the source of problems

Fix Problems

Resolve downhole failures quickly and efficiently with a detailed visual understanding of the problem