Severe Corrosion Casing Inspection

DarkVision’s High-resolution Acoustic Downhole Evaluation System (HADES-R™) sets a new standard for wellbore inspection. By capturing submilimetric 3D scans of an entire well in a single run, DarkVision provides operators with a new level of insight into downhole conditions. HADES-R™ is fluid agnostic, eliminating the need to flush the wellbore prior to running.

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3D rendering of pipe corrosion after casing inspection


Athabasca Oil Sands

Technology used


Well Information

Depth Logged
650m (2130ft)
Casing size
13 3/8″ (339.70mm)
Casing Ovality


Darkvision’s HADES-R™ high-resolution acoustic imaging tool logged the well to a depth of 650 m, providing the operator with an ultrahigh-resolution view of the casing area in question. By capturing a full circumferential 3D scan of the entire vertical, DarkVision recorded and accurately measured casing wall loss. Casing breaches were identified as the cause of the pressure test failure. The inspection also revealed that drill pipe wear reducing the casing wall thickness to below 50% of nominal and severe pitting was present throughout the build section of the well.

With the detailed analysis provided by DarkVision, the operator knew the exact location and size of each casing breach, enabling them to quickly apply the appropriate patches. A subsequent pressure test confirmed that well integrity had been restored.

Operators are continuously seeking ways to maximize recovery while controlling costs. Maintaining well integrity is key to achieving their goals. Unlike the inferred sizing methods used by magnetic and optical tools, DarkVision’s 3D scans are built from direct measurements.

Darkvision’s scans are more detailed than those made with magnetic or caliper tools, ensuring unambiguous results on the first run. The high-resolution 3D model delivered by DarkVision empowers operators to confidently make informed and timely decisions on well maintenance, minimizing time spent diagnosing well integrity issues, and maximizing ROI on OPEX spend.

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