Sheared ESP Casing Obstruction

DarkVision’s High-resolution Acoustic Downhole Evaluation System sets a new standard for well inspection. HADES-F™ captures submillimetric 3D point clouds of data of an entire well in a single pass, providing operators with a new level of insight into downhole conditions — regardless of fluid clarity.

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sheared esp casing


Permian Basin

Technology used


Well information

Depth Logged
5100ft (1554m)
Casing Spec
5.5” 17#
Data Turnaround
Fish Location
Build Section


Darkvision’s HADES-F™ scanned the well at a depth of 5070 ft, where it identified a severe casing collapse. The 3D images and measurements provided by DarkVision enabled the operator to develop and execute a remedial action plan. The operator ran a casing swage to push the casing back to its nominal internal diameter.

High-resolution volumetric data from DarkVision enabled the operator to determine that fishing the ESP would not be possible, and pushing it to the toe of the well was the fastest and most cost-effective means of regaining well access. HADES-F™ opens new paths to solving complex well obstruction and restriction problems.

By combining ultra-high-resolution acoustic imaging with steerable 4-degree-of-freedom robotics, HADES-F™ can scan around restrictions and obstructions, seeing key details which would be blocked from view by traditional side and forward-facing tools. Real-time results enable rapid decision-making right at the wellhead.

Operators face growing pressure to minimize non-productive time and control costs. The flexibility of HADES-F™ helps them achieve these goals. It can be deployed on widely available e-coil and e-line conveyance and does not require time consuming and costly wellbore cleanout or fluid swapping. The high-resolution 3D data delivered by DarkVision enables operators to make informed decisions for remedial action on complex well obstruction and integrity issues.

Clear, unambiguous results from HADES-F™ eliminate risk and minimize non productive time.

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