• Advanced Perforation Analysis

Advanced Perforation Analysis

Tried, Tested, and Proven.

Trusted by over 160 operators in North America alone we’ve measured over 300,000 perforations, creating the world’s largest completion optimization database. Thoroughly validated by surface and in-situ testing, DarkVision’s cutting-edge technology sets the new standard for downhole inspection.

Intuitive Results

DarkVision delivers clear, easy to understand 3D models and visualizations.

One Scan, Complete Coverage

During perforation erosion analysis, operators are comprehensively evaluating their entire wells for erosion, ovality, plug damage, and various integrity issues from wellhead to well toe. DarkVision captures the entire well in a single run through any fluid clarity.

Every Perf, Every Time

Avoid plugged perforations impacting the accuracy of cluster efficiency analysis. DarkVision’s advancements in 3D perforation erosion analysis overcome perforation plugging to provide reliable data of proppant distribution through every perforation.

Direct 3D Measurements in High-Resolution

Quantify perforation erosion and casing damage by directly capturing high-resolution 3D measurements.
Eliminate distortion and perspective issues, inconclusive data, and interpretation error. By directly measuring perforations in 3D, operators gain a clear understanding of where their proppant has gone during hydraulic fracturing operations, and ultimately how completion designs are performing.

Case Studies

Validating Completion Designs

Operators are verifying the design and integrity of their wells in the same run when performing a perforation analysis. DarkVision’s acoustic imaging measures erosion on perforations so accurately it can measure erosion that occured on ports, sleeves, and other components from hydraulic fracuring.

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Powering Award-Winning Research

Find out what companies and reseachers are discovering with DarkVision’s industry leading acoustic imaging solution.
These peer-reviewed papers contain critical insights to improving completions optimization.

Getting Results

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Our proprietary solid-state high-resolution acoustic imaging technology sets a new standard for industrial asset inspection. DarkVision’s tools deliver higher resolution data, greater coverage, and intuitive results.

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