“A Shift or Not a Shift?” Evaluating Sleeves in the latest paper by ConocoPhillips

June 26, 2023

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ConocoPhillips has released a new paper with the results of a multi-year project to evaluate, test, qualify, and trial “unlimited” frac sleeve completion systems to replace legacy, conventional, and limited, graduated ball drop sliding sleeve systems.

Acoustic Intensity Image showing an  open sleeve and closed sleeve

DarkVision’s high-resolution acoustic imaging was used to help identify the root cause of sleeves not fully opening and understand why certain sleeves were not performing as expected. The highly detailed 3D measurements enabled ConocoPhillips to evaluate and understand the performance of various sleeve and dart designs.

ConocoPhillips gained considerable knowledge and insight related to dart/collet/sleeve designs, tolerances, impact forces, and survivability of different frac sleeve completion systems through this project.

Find out more by reading the full paper on OnePetro: URTEC-3849448-MS: “A Shift or Not a Shift?” that was the Question: Robust Qualification and Testing of Available “Unlimited” Frac Sleeve Systems Yield Varied Results

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