ATCE 2021: Advanced Well Integrity Inspection

September 20, 2021

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We’re at it again – this time fundamentally improving how operators identify, quantify, and understand ovality, corrosion, and deformation in their wells.

DarkVision’s VP Product & Marketing, Tom Littleford, presented our latest paper at ATCE 2021 in Dubai, UAE. The paper showcased how high-fidelity datasets captured by the HADES platform have found countless never-before-seen defects in operator wells.

Read the full whitepaper here.


An advanced high-resolution acoustic imaging technology was deployed for well integrity and deformation assessments in both vertical and horizontal wells. This high-frequency acoustic tool collected three-dimensional data quantifying deformation and wall thickness with resolution unobtainable by existing multi-finger caliper, magnetic flux leakage, and rotating single element ultrasonic systems. Several novel imaging methods are enabled by the high number of transducers (up to 512) on the imaging probe. These methods, including beamforming, beam steering, and semi-stochastic multipulse imaging, are outlined and discussed in this paper. In addition, multiple types of standardized visualizations enabled by this high-resolution 3D data capture tool are introduced and examples of each are shown.

Lab qualification and imagery generated by the high-resolution solid-state imaging technology, when applied to various precision machined geometric anomalies, are presented. In addition to lab validation results, several field studies are showcased including assessments of ovalized casing, complex downhole corrosion, and isolated minor pitting. Leak paths, splits, and damaged regions within threaded casing collars were also identified, imaged, and quantified using the acoustic technology. Until now, these collar regions have been very difficult to image using legacy downhole tools due to fundamental limitations at the threaded connection geometry. Lastly, various downhole completion equipment case studies are presented showcasing several applications of acoustic imaging used to validate the set position or condition of specialty downhole equipment. This paper outlines the usage of the solid-state acoustic technology to generate three-dimensional geometry and wall thickness datasets with sub-millimetric resolution, providing operators with a holistic and actionable assessment of their well integrity.

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